Downloading both iOS betas, but not watchOS. I’m not that sadistic.

Found a quiet spot to watch the WWDC keynote today. It’s a secret, so I won’t share where it is. #dontbotherme #imkeynoting

Does anyone think Microsoft purposely waited until today to announce they bought Github to drown out any news Apple might generate?

Happiness is sitting in a warm conference room, trying to configure a piece of hardware, only to find that crew that did the cabling didn’t hook up any of the ports in the room.

Then, spending the next hour trying to get everything cabled and configured.

3 hours later…

Django Django on Morning Becomes Eclectic

An excellent interview and some great tunes from their new album, Marble Skies. Take a listen if you have a few minutes.

Today I learned of the art of Japanese Iced Coffee.

It’s the pour-over method, but you only use half the amount of water you’d normally use, replace it with ice, and pour the hot water over the grounds onto the ice.

It makes for an amazing fresh cup of iced coffee!


Created a What is This? page on my site today, inspired by @cheri. I really love that concept, and I think it’ll help my friends and family understand what I do with my life most days.

Spending the day selecting old B&W movies from the Internet Archive, such as Phantom of the Opera and Night of the Living Dead, isn’t a horrible way to spend a rainy Wednesday…

I hope that all these people that are deleting their Facebook accounts realize that they also should be deleting their Instagram accounts, since, you know, Facebook owns Instagram too.

Just sayin’…