Tea. Earl Grey (Crème). Hot. (w/ blackberry-infused honey, and cream)

Only the best way to watch S2 of The Crown, indeed.

I’m enjoying the fact that a lot of companies and developers are opening up their Slack groups to external users. Add to that all of the social groups (ex. the Indie Blogging community), and I’m actually finding a use to keep the app on my devices.

Feeling particularly productive today. Finished Christmas shopping with the wife, fixed my old Raspberry Pi 2, and cleaned the house. Not too shabby…

When your GM asks for a fireplace, and all you can think about is putting an 8h video of a fireplace in 4K on a loop, displayed on the biggest TV in the hotel.

(Cameo by my boss, the Director of Engineering)

I didn’t realize there were so many Micro.blog users from LA on here. You guys are making me miss home right now. I think this is the first major fire storm I’ve missed since I moved to TN.

Implemented a help desk ticketing system today. I used Spiceworks, as they were free and I’ve used them previously.

I’m curious to see how this is going to play out.

Just found the feasibility study for a project that I worked on in Buffalo/Niagara back in 2012.

I totally forgot that I worked on this. I don’t even remember if we ended up completing this project or not.


Starting thinking about my 2018 social media plan.

It’s an interesting exercise in what I feel is most valuable to me in regards to my time.

I’ll post something about my process, and what I come up with, on ZakWinnick.com later.

Anyone know if the Amazon Prime Video app is out yet for Apple TV?

I can’t seem to find anything about it…

First post from the new MarsEdit 4.

It’s pretty snazzy!

Excellent work, @danielpunkass. That was an easy $50 to spend.

Well, that was a great meeting. All my projects for 2018 were approved with the exception of one (with good reason). I’d say that’s pretty successful.